Rebecca Rebmann, CTN

Rebecca Rebmann

Certified Traditional Naturopath

When Rebecca Rebmann joined the Advanced Wellness Center she added her expertise to the nutritional therapies and weight loss services. She is a Traditional Naturopath with a Bachelor's degree in Natural Health Science and a Master's Degree in Holistic Nutrition.

"My goal is to empower people with a clear understanding of healthy diet and lifestyle and how making even small changes toward better habits can dramatically improve the quality of their lives."

Rebecca's commitment to healthy living and nutrition has been a lifelong passion. After 12 years in the produce industry, she combined her interests for health and wellness, knowledge of fresh produce and retail skills to open several natural, gourmet food stores and restaurants in the Northwest.

I can describe my experience working with Rebecca Rebmann at AWC in two words: life changing! My understanding of proper healthcare and diet has been broadened extensively. I am now equipped with better tools to navigate both my life and the lives of my entire family by making more informed decisions needed so that we can 'eat to live.' I exceeded my goals: weight loss, enhanced awareness of cause and effect of food choices and supplement free! Indeed, this has been a truly remarkable and life-changing experience." - Patricia P.

Now at AWC, healthy weight management and wellness are Rebecca's primary focus. She addresses digestion and food allergies - two of the often-overlooked obstacles that keep people from achieving lasting healthy weight. Additionally, she works with clients to correct hormonal (PMS and menopause) and neurotransmitter imbalances, fatigue, type 2 diabetes and immune deficiencies. Rebecca is able to guide clients to restored balance and wellness by using a combination of non-invasive, highly sensitive laboratory testing and non-drug therapies, such as: detoxification, proper diet and supplementation.

What Rebecca has done for me is truly priceless. For a long time I lived overweight, uncomfortable and unhappy with myself. When she recommended a ten-week program, I thought I did not have it in me to follow such discipline, but she guided and encouraged me. Nine weeks later and 30 pounds lighter, I realize what I actually got is more years of vitality and healthy living, and that is truly priceless. Thank you Rebecca!!" - Eduardo C.

Scientific advances in wellness are being made everyday and Rebecca believes that ongoing education is a key component in the evolving field of nutrition and wellness. She continually furthers her education to learn about new breakthroughs and therapies. She is passionate about promoting food safety, sustainable agriculture and is active in the movement to prevent harmful food production technologies.

Rebecca is happy to announce that she has been awarded the NEI Certification and is currently using it in her practice.

Optimal health is only possible when the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems are in balance. Imbalances occur as a result of exposure to psychological or physical challenges. Underlying stressors such as mental stress, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyles, infections, environmental toxins, and general immune system regulations will alter the NEI Supersystem and lead to poor health. Addressing symptoms while identifying root cause disturbances will restore nervous system function balance and improve patient outcomes.

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